Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Welcome to the course blog for The Modest Witness, English R1A/07.

Instructions for blogging may be found in the Assignment Instructions handout, distributed in class today. It is also available on bspace under "Resources."

When posting or commenting on this blog, please remember a few things.

First, this blog can be seen (and googled) by anyone, and you may not want "anyone" (i.e. future employers) to read what you wrote for your English class. Respect people's internet anonymity, including your own, by not mentioning surnames, or by using (appropriate) pseudonyms.

Second, reading on a screen is hard on the eyes, so use plenty of white space. The return key is your friend. This may mean writing shorter paragraphs than you would in a paper, or adding white space at a logical place in the middle of a paragraph.

Finally, remember to treat everyone with professional courtesy.

A few other points about class in general:

-In case you were wondering what you should call me, you should call me Natalia.

-Remember to look through your books and syllabus and think about which readings appeal to you. I will pass the discussion leader sign-up sheet around on Friday. Think of a few different options in case someone else takes your first choice.

- "The Art of Fiction" will be posted on bspace a bit later today.

See you Friday!

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