Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dinosaur Comics

Over on the left, there's a feed of Natalia's latest tweets that are tagged with modestwitness. One of them has a link to the September 16th Dinosaur Comic. For those of you who don't follow T-Rex and Utahraptor, you may not know that every comic essentially has the same artwork; it's almost always only the text that is altered from strip to strip.

Dinosaur Comics is often considered by the web community to be a more intellectual webcomic than some others (for example, Cyanide and Happiness, which is probably the least intellectual webcomic around). Does the lack of changing artwork and plain, fixed-width text enhance the sense that this is a comic intended to be read, not looked at, or do those "features" actually make the comic boring to read that its content isn't enough to save it?

Moore's "Poetry" is sort of the same way, if you look at how it's evolved from its initial version. At first, it's quite structured and regular, but eventually, as lines and words are removed, they are not replaced by anything else. The words are left in place (or moved up as needed). In "Poetry," the important feature is not the shape of the words but the words themselves.

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