Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Faculty Walkout 9/24

Information about the UC Faculty Walkout on September 24 is available here. Here's an excerpt:
We call for a systemwide walkout of all UC faculty on September 24, 2009.

We call for the suspension of faculty teaching on this date pending three demands, which we understand as absolutely minimal:

1. No furloughs or paycuts on salaries below $40,000.
2. The immediate institution of the Academic Senate Council’s July 29 recommendation
regarding the implementation of furloughs.
3. Full disclosure of the budget.

These demands are addressed immediately to the Regents’ furlough plan and the Office of the President’s edict concerning its implementation. However, despite their local character, these demands are made in solidarity with those of all UC workers and students. They cannot be used as a pretext for further layoffs or fee increases.

I highly recommend reading the letter and educating yourselves generally about the UC budget situation. This is your university! (By the way, one of the original signatories is Professor Donna Haraway of UC Santa Cruz, whom we'll be reading later this semester.)

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