Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to post to this blog:

If you haven't yet accepted your emailed invitation to post:
1. If you never received an emailed invitation, email me from the account that you usually check. Note that I always email the class through bspace, so if you have an address on file with the university that you never check, you will miss messages from me.

2. If you have received the invitation, click the link and either log on using a Google account that you already have or establish a new Google account. Consider setting your posting name to something other than your full name, for the sake of internet anonymity.

3. Email me if you have any problems.

If you have accepted the invitation:
1. Go to

2. Log in using your Google account name and password, if you are not already logged in.

3. Under "The Modest Witness," click "New Post." Notice that you can either use Blogger's WYSIWYG editor (the "Compose" tab) or the html editor (the "Edit Html" tab). I personally prefer the html tab because it gives more control over formatting. For more information about html, try an online tutorial like this one. (Learning more about html is completely optional.)

4. Write your post. Detailed instructions for the contents of your post are available in the Assignment Instructions that you received on the first day of class, or on bspace under "Resources."

You may wish to add labels (like "Henry James," "writing," etc.). You can upload photos by clicking the photo icon at the top of the screen. You can preview your post by clicking "Preview" (in the top right corner); to go back to editing, click "Hide Preview."

5. When you're done, click "Publish Post."

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