Saturday, September 26, 2009

In the Days of Good and Bad Writing

After the virtual discussion about evaluation, I've decided to write about good and bad writing. What constitutes "good" writing, and likewise what constitutes "bad" writing? What is good to one person is not always good to another. So what are the criteria for rating a piece of literature? What about message? The message of the piece of writing certainly has different effects on different people, so this aspect can't be used to evaluate goodness or badness. The criteria used to judge has to be objective. In that case, we have to judge how the author delivers the message instead of the message itself. We can call this the author's style. Some elements of style to consider is diction, syntax, and use of figurative language. Suppose two poems talk about the same subject - lets say a walk in the park. Poem #1 gives a simple summary of the events that occur. Poem #2 uses various types of figurative language to explain the events in a more colorful way. We can argue that the second poem is more "good" than the first because the author's delivery of the message is more complex. There are much more criteria to consider, so what do you guys think?

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  1. Personally, what I think constitutes as good literature, is the ability for the piece of literature to be mentally and emotionally enriching. I like things that work my mind and make me think and appeal to my emotions over something that is so straight-forward that it takes the fun out of searching for a deeper meaning (yes...i think that's fun hah=]). i like being able to connect with what i'm reading because it helps me understand it better. =]


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