Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Purpose of Writing

Many high school students come into college fearing that their writing style will not meet the university's standards. I think that most students either start of trying to sound professional or they begin with their high school style. From then, they build on and go from "novice" to "expert".

Before in the chat room, we discussed the purpose of writing and criticized the grading of essays. The purpose of writing is a way of self reflecting and getting a better understanding of the topic and yourself. It is a way to put your thoughts on paper instead of letting them float around in your head. It also helps you study and prove your knowledge of the topic. Once our essays have been written, it is left in the hands of our teachers and professors. Someone in the chat room had said that teachers shouldn't downgrade if the student has a different opinion than that of the teacher. This is true. But we shouldn't mistake the teachers downgrade for "revenge" or "disagreement". A good teacher will only downgrade if the opinion brought up is not defended with evidence or an argument. If you simply say "The Turn of the Screw is a romance novel, not a ghost story" and leave it as that, or back it up with an unorganized, vague argument, the teacher should lower the grade. The student is supposed to, in writing, show their knowledge and perspective on the topic being written and the teacher is to read and learn from it and grade it based on its content, clarity, and organization, not if it agrees or disagrees with the teacher's opinion.

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  1. I think that is exactly what grading papers should be based on. If the teacher has a rubric (like in SATs) then he or she would have a much more equal and non-bias grading routine because grading becomes more of a checklist of objectives rather than agreements.


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