Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Makes Good Poetry?

After writing my evaluative essay, I am still a bit uncertain on what makes “good” poetry. Personally, I like poetry that I can relate to and that is easy to understand. However, just because I like it, does that make it “good” poetry? There are so many different aspects that can make poetry “good”. Could it be in the diction or syntax? Some like poetry that rhymes while others like prose. I think that “good” poetry should be thought-provoking, but others may think “good” poetry is something that is easy to understand. There are also so many different types of “good” poetry. It seems so difficult to pick out a couple of characteristics which would make a poem good. Also, who is to say what is good and what is not? Everyone has the ability to criticize, but is everyone a critic? Who has more say in what is good writing and what is not? What makes some poets better than other poets? Is it purely popularity, or is there some underlying professionalism or artistic ability in a good poet’s work? What has made poetry from the past “good”? I think it really depends on the definition of “good”. There is no set definition that defines what good poetry should be like, which makes it extremely difficult to determine what type of poem is good and what is not. It also depends on who the poetry is targeting. Poetry for children must have a different standard then poetry written for adults, but both can be considered “good”.

I have also always wondered how someone would become a professional writing critic. What training or experience would be needed for such a job? For example, the critics in newspapers, do they have a background that gives them a special edge that enables them to make proper criticisms? What gives them the right to criticize a piece of work or does everyone have that right?

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  1. I think that you have a very valid point in saying that poetry is mostly subjective and any judgement that someone passes on any piece of poetry can be refuted. Poetry can always be interpreted in many different ways. But I also think while "good" poetry cannot be defined some poetry can be defined as bad, poor, or incomplete. If a poem has no deeper meaning and is purely literal I feel as thought that doesn't constitute good poetry. Although I suppose that point can also be argued. I've always felt that good poetry should be able to evoke and emotion, not something shallow, but to really touch you.


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