Sunday, October 4, 2009

Google Wave

Last week Natalia mentioned the new Google Wave. It combines different modes of communication (chat, email, phone, blogs, etc) into one. It seemed like an interesting innovative idea, but what scared me was when Natalia told us that the other people would be able to see what you're typing AS you're typing. The other people will see your entire writing process unveil in front of them. They will see your backspacing and revision as you are doing it. I believe that writing is a private self reflective activity. When you write something, you are doing it privately. This new Google Wave takes that away. The privacy is gone and your thought process becomes public. It is almost as if the other person is reading your mind. A lot of people become uncomfortable having another person reading what they're writing over their shoulder. The privacy is gone and the idea of having something you keep private, made public or taken away, scares me. Google Wave may become the "new" thing, but it is frighteningly disturbing how technology is affecting our lives and the process of writing itself.

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