Saturday, October 24, 2009

Literary Innovation

Reading modernist literature has made me curious to why they felt the need to break away from the literary norms of their day (i.e. broken stanzas, rhyme, etc). I do understand that every generation has the desire to contribute something new to history but who sets the standard? To my understanding, one generation's innovation becomes the next generation's history and so on. Williams spoke of using the imagination as the means of maintaining individuality. His writings made me think: where does our current generation stand in the literary world? Can we even take poetry any farther than what Williams did with his radical break from conventional structure before we cannot call it poetry anymore? What will it take for us to break the current mold and make our mark in the literary world? A thought I had, in light of Boyle, is to redefine the way we think of poetry.

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  1. I think this innovation is also dependent on the popular culture of the period, ie if enough people are doing something new, it becomes recognized as an innovation. However, if the concept is in fact new but if only a select few people are doing it, it would have a harder time to be accepted as a new innovation.


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