Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poems we weren't assigned

There were two poems that I happened to like of Marianne Moore which weren't assigned to us.

First, there's "Logic and 'The Magic Flute'." "Die Zauberflöte", as "The Magic Flute" is known in German, is one of my favorite operas, and it features such things as "bird-notes" ("Der Hölle Rache" features extremely high notes from the Queen of the Night). Both the poem and the opera feature questions about true love ("The Magic Flute" features a forbidden love between the Queen's daughter and Sarastro, while the poem asks "What is love and / shall I ever have it?").

"Four Quartz Crystal Clocks" features some of the latest scientific thinking at the time of publishing. There's a great deal of word play and alliteration in the poem, making it very fun to read. I actually like this poem the best out of all of Moore's poems that I've read.

Did you read any of Moore's other poems? What did you think of them (and how do they compare to the poems we did have to read)?

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  1. I just looked through some of them, and my first impression of Williams's poems is that he really enjoys to write about nature ("Daisy, "January Morning", etc.). Perhaps this is just a manifestation of his own ideas, since he said that art should not be simply imitating nature, but imitating the imagination which gathers from nature. His poems also deal with human emotions, and from the structure of his poems, it seems like he uses the descriptions of nature to remind himself of those emotions. Even though those are just characteristics of Williams's poems, it is certainly different than other poems I have read.

    Also, it seems like Williams also enjoys "mashing-up" two different things in his poem, one of something common and then another taking example from something in history ("Logic and the 'Magic Flute'" and "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus").


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