Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poetry? Not As Bad As I Thought

I used to dislike reading poetry in high school. I think it was because we rarely spent any time discussing them; all we did was read and answer a few questions about them. Consequently, I never understood the meanings of the poems that I was reading. Reading, discussing, and writing about Marianne Moore definitely renewed my taste in poetry and shed new light on it. I agree with Eric's post. I thought Moore's poems were difficult to understand at first, but eventually they grew on me. Now I enjoy reading her poems.

I especially enjoyed the way she states some things explicitly and leaves the rest for implication. She challenges her readers to develop their own ideas instead of telling them everything. Her poems are mentally engaging, and I always end up learning something from each of them. I also liked her unique style: lines that seem to end right in the middle of a sentence, similarly shaped stanzas, and what not.

After reading Moore, have your thoughts changed about the way you view poetry? Did it make you like poetry more or less?


  1. Well for me, her poetry didn't really provoke a new sense of enjoyment for poetry, partly because I already enjoyed reading and analyzing poetry to begin with. What I did like about her poetry though was how it made me think in different ways. She included so many different references to animals and history, I had to train myself to get used to seeing it, research it, and make sense of it. In a sense, her poetry kept me on my feet because of how much attention to detail I had to give to it and how many times I had to reread it. So after reading her work (many times), analyzing it, and talking about it in class, I did find a new appreciation for her work and writing style. Some of her poems I actually really enjoyed, but there were others that didn't really appeal to me on an emotional level, which made me like them a little less than others. As far as her poetry's impact on my perceptions of poetry as a whole, it gave me experience in looking at other types of poetry with more than one analytical perspective. =]

  2. I liked going through Marianne Moore's poetry as a very refreshing change from the way we'd have looked at poetry in high school. I feel like we spent a lot of time thinking about the poetry and such rather than writing about it (not that writing is bad or anything, but if there's nothing to write about, what's the point?).

    I've also looked at a few of the other poems in the book; there's one I found really amusing but I don't remember the title off the top of my head (the book is in Berkeley; I'm back in Fremont). Although I've often enjoyed reading poems that were assigned to me, I never really bothered to look for and enjoy other works. Now I have.

  3. I actually rarely read poetry in high school. When we did every once in awhile, I don't remember appreciating it. After reading Moore's works, I do appreciate poetry more. I think that the discussions we have about her poems really put poetry in a new light for me. We never really analyzed poetry the way we do in class now back in high school. Her poems make you think and interpret her words, which is cool because it's almost like a puzzle that needs to be solved.


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