Thursday, October 22, 2009


Poetry was never really my thing. And definitely Marianne Moore and William Carlos Williams are not the easiest poets to understand and break down. Marianne Moore is descriptive and vivid, but her structure is totally confusing. Williams is no better. He has grammatical errors and describes a red wheelbarrow in a few lines, and that's his poem. He is also not as vivid, so that doesn't make it any better. I was writing my analytical essay on Marianne Moore's "He 'Digesteth Harde Yron"' and I think this is the closest I've been to understanding Moore's poems. Her description of the respect the ostrich once had and her criticism on the change of that view conveyed one thing to me. Human beings are excessive and greedy. It's a social commentary on how society has taken what was precious and natural and transformed it into society's own entertainment and exotic food. Humans have taken nature's symbol of justice and transformed it into symbols of human decadence and greed. Not only is Moore saying how greedy we humans are, she also comments on the practice of observation. Despite the great visual impact of the ostriches at the Roman banquet, people still do not see the evident slaughter of these animals. If you're not really looking for the right thing or the meaning of an object or environment, it will be completely invisible to you. That's what is happening to the Romans here in this poem. There are ostriches everywhere and yet they still cease to see the abuse and maltreatment the ostriches are receiving. Humans have destroyed justice without even realizing it. Basically that's what I got out of the poem and it's the closest I've come to understanding a poem by Moore. Williams is another story and ultimately unraveling the poems of Moore and Williams is by far, no easy task.

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  1. I think the confusing quality of the poets of both writers is simply a reflection of the styles of art that was characteristic during that time. The writers, in my opinion, didn't purposely write their poems very confusingly, but only reflected the trends of art during that time.


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