Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Marianne Moore

Marianne Moore's poems have begun to grow on me and after reading them several times, I am even finding them enjoyable. Wishing not to repeat my whole paper on my belief of good poetry, I will try to isolate my reasons to just her poems.

Given that her poems are hard to understand at first, I do not really mind but rather look at it more as a challenge. There is a lot that one can pull from her poetry and it really hit me after reading "He 'Digesteth Harde Yron.'" I learned about the "camel-sparrow" and its differing extinct links, roman banquets, greek mythology, etc. All this additional knowledge came out of the poem and even though it took me a while to understand how it all fit together, in the end I thought it was worth it.

I would have to encourage anyone who feels like Marianne Moore's poetry is to complicated to not give up and really try to understand the value that it has for educational purpose.

What could you say that you learned from Moore's poetry that you never knew before?


  1. I think this is just a style of Moore's poetry, that she uses a lot of references to describe things in her poem. I seem to enjoy this because even though the poem is very short, it teaches me much more than what an article will because it forces me to look up some things that she's talking about. Almost every one of Moore's poems so far (like "Days of Prismatic Color") has stumped me with a reference that I've had to look up.

  2. Like Eric, I've also grown to like Moore's poetry. I do agree with David, however, in that her style still bugs me. Her language is rich and anyone can tell she's a talented poet, just not the most conventional one. Her allusions and metaphors really make you think and analyze. I guess it's true that the harder a poem is to decipher, the more insight you gain and understanding (deep meaning) you develop. Her poems challenge your knowledge of historical figures which is also great.


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