Sunday, October 25, 2009

William Carlos Williams

In the bignning of Spring and All, by William Carlos Williams, he states that he wrote this book in a disturbed mind. When I read this introduction it made me excited te see what he was going to be writing about and when I got to the first chapter I was not let down by his amount of craziness. I find that when reading a piece of literature when the writer is in a critical part of their life is always more unique to read about. They throw out so many new perspectives on life that you have never seen or thought of because you have not been in that state of mind before. Williams writes of very violent events at times but does so in such a passionate manner that I find myself not becoming angry with him as a writer.

In class we briefly discussed the fact that Williams was depressed at one point in his life and this was when he wrote the book. This really connects to the fact that his writing was so angry because he himself was not a happy person at the time. I enjoyed readng this book of poetry and prose because of the fact that it was somewhat autobiographical. Throughout the book Williams incorporates little details about his life and his observations that make it much more personal and therefore "good" poetry in my opinion.

By stating in the beginning that he was not in his right mind while writing this book , I feel as though it kind of sets the stage for an interesting book and this was not a dissapointment. Throughout the book he states his opinion on many things such as war, art, poetry versus prose and much more. This helped to see him as an intelligent writer even though he states in the beginning that the critics are going to not like his piece of writing because of it unconventional nature. I feel by stating this it has a ay of tricking the reader by tempting them to read it even more rather than simply agreeing with the fact that no one will like it and it will not be successful.

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  1. That's a good point. I specially thought it was both comical and very smart that he said that when he wrote it he wrote for the sake of writing in total chaos. He didn't know if anything good would come out of it but if it did then, cool.


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