Sunday, October 25, 2009

Williams vs. Moore

Williams's poetry/prose made me have second thoughts about Marianne Moore's poems. As far as stanza and line structure go the two are basically identical, but content-wise they couldn't be more different. The poetry within "Spring and All" has a distinct style: short, disconnected lines, the phrases went in bursts, and the individual stanzas are unstructured. The lack of punctuation, erratic capitalization, and lack of organization have a different sensation than Moore's poetry. Her poems are much more structured and have a recognizable theme, to me at least. Moore tells you what she thinks about the topic being discussed in a more direct way. That doesn't necessarily mean that her poems are better than Williams's. I thought his poems are more mentally engaging since they force you to determine the matter being discussed.

Which author did you guys prefer to read more? Which one did you find more interesting? Which one did you find more enlightening?


  1. Surprisingly enough, at least to myself, I prefer Moore. I had a hard time figuring out Moore, but at least she was consistent and had a goal in her poems. Williams on the other hand just seemed completely random. I know that's not the case, but it could easily be mistaken for it.

  2. I liked Moore better as well, although Williams wasn't bad either. I particularly enjoyed Williams' propensity for ending sentences abruptly; it kind of felt like a fill-in-the-blanks game or a crossword puzzle. Moores uniform structure appealed to me more, though.

  3. I think that I like both Williams's and Moore's writing about the same. Williams's writing was entertaining to read, but some of the things he said were a little too crazy for me to understand. Moore's writing was confusing at first, but after reading more of her work it got a little easier to understand. Both writers were good at putting images in my mind, which I enjoyed.

  4. I prefer Moore for her economy of words; even though her ideas draw references to many different things, those ideas are coherent enough that they all contribute to the same argument.


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