Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comparison between Women/Fiction and Minorities/Fiction

Hurston makes an interesting (although perhaps obvious) point: "minorities do think...about something other than the race problem," implying that there are stories to be had that are simultaneously uniquely minority-oriented while not about this "race problem". I found this to be quite similar to how Natalia's friend viewed women in movies or other works: they had to be in there for a reason other than as the love interest of a male character.

Did anyone else see this similarity? Does anyone else agree with these thoughts?


  1. You make an interesting case but I think when she was saying: "minorities do think...about something other than the race problem" it wasn't that they had "imultaneously uniquely minority-oriented" stories (although this may be true), it was that minorities can also experience the same emotions and experiences as Anglo-Saxons.

  2. I agree to that claim, but I still find it interesting that there are still some novels written by minority authors that places the minority character in a position relative to the whites in the story. Perhaps it is less about the color of the person writing, but more about the society where he or she (the writer) grew up.


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