Sunday, November 8, 2009

Equality for women?

One prediction of the narrator in A Room of One's Own is that "in a hundred years... women would cease to be the protected sex" (40). Is this really the case? Do women now have the same opportunity as men? I think not. Sure, in the workplace, there is an attempt to at least try to promote gender equality, but that is only one facet of it. Even in the workplace, there is evidence of gender inequality, such as lower pay for women. Broadening the scope to life in its entirety, I wonder, what would be necessary to create equal opportunities for men and women? I think that to do that, a complete overhaul of society would be necessary. But after that overhaul, if we did establish a society where men and women were equal, would it last? I don't think that it could.

People want safety. Self-preservation is one of the basic traits of animal nature. Having power means that one is safer, whether that safety manifests physically, or is just an illusion that calms the mind. Therefore, the grasp for power is part of nature. Unfortunately, it is impossible for one to be powerful without others being weak in relation. True, in the beginning of a hypothetically equal society, men and women would have the same opportunities, but as people claw for power, others will need to be pushed down. Gender and race lines are just make it easy to categorize people as they are being oppressed. Eventually, it becomes easier to oppress people by categories, and then one group must be left weak.

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