Sunday, November 29, 2009

i capture the castle reflection

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving break! Now...we get back to work :)
I wanted to point out a similarity I saw between I Capture the Castle and A Room of One's Own. The section in I Capture the Castle that I'm referring to is actually the very first sentence on the very first page of the book. She says, "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink" (3). this particular sentence immediately made me think of the importance of having a room of one's own as described in the book, A Room of One's Own. i was pretty happy to find that particualr theme in another book even if it wasn't necessarily a major part in the book. the fact that she used the sink in order to start writing her book, even though she did choose it because of the availability of sunlight, made me realize fully how having a place of your own to let your thoughts flow doesn't have to be a room, it can be a small as the space inside of the sink. As long as is a space you can call your own, a space where you can sit down concentrate and relax, it works. I mean take us as students for example, sharing a dorm room hardly gives us a room of our own, but we still manage to concentrate by creating or moving to a space we can call our own even for that moment.


  1. I also say this connection while reading I Capture the Castle and realized that it does not necessarily have to be a room or one's own but mearly a space of one's own will do just fine as well. As long as the writer has somewhere where they are not desturbed and has the ability to concentrate then they have the potential to write amazing things. Cassandra has her barn and her sink that she writes in in order describe her life and her feelings on the matter.

  2. I saw quite a few similarities between Woolf and Smith when I read I Capture the Castle. I also noticed the kitchen sink thing immediately. The characters in the book also mention many women authors, which reminded me of Woolf as well. It is interesting to see so many similarities between different authors. I wonder if the authors at the time ever talked to each other, or do they just read each other's books.

  3. I agree with what arcy is saying here. Despite the fact that cassandra was poor and her family was unable to support itself, she had space of her own to write. unlike jane austen, who had to hide her work when a visitor came in, cassandra can be in any place where no visitor would come in in the first place. as students, we do have a room of our own and it is enough to write and create.


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