Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lady Winchilsea

In class we briefly discussed Lady Winchilsea’s writing about her feelings towards the position of women. We talked about how women are “fallen by mistaken rules”. It was mentioned that she calls these rules “mistaken” because the men are not purposely suppressing women but it just happened to be that way. I think another way to look at the “mistaken rules” is that she thinks the men are mistaken in thinking that they are more intelligent than women. So instead, women being suppressed did not just happen naturally, but man’s beliefs about women are mistaken. I also wanted to mention some other things that Lady Winchilsea writes that I thought were interesting.
She says that “the hopes to thrive can ne’er outweigh the fears” (58). She pretty much says that the fear of being rejected by society and/or criticized always prevents a woman from even trying to succeed. It is so weird to hear things like that now because a lot of women now are very successful and society now accepts, acknowledges, and sometimes praises women who are powerful. When she says this it also can seem like the women are too hard on themselves. It could be interpreted that the women are so fearful that they are too scared to risk anything.
She later says that “good breeding, fashion, dancing, dressing, play are the accomplishments [women] should desire; to write, or read, or think or to enquire, would cloud our beauty, and exhaust our time” (58). Do you guys think that these stereotypes still exist today? I surely feel that some of them still do. For example, many movies and shows still portray men as the sole provider of the family while the wives/mothers just take care of the kids and let the men boss them around.
Let me know your thoughts on what Lady Winchilsea wrote!

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