Monday, November 9, 2009

A Room of One's Own

I believe that what Virginia Woolf has to say about women in fiction is quite accurate for her time period. They did need some kind of financial support and some space in order to be a success or even be recognized in the writing community. It was very difficult for women to get their thoughts out into the public because men felt so superior towards them. Luckily this has changed and now women write just as much as men and have even written some of the more popular novels of today.
In Woolf's time period men felt that since they were the "better" sex they could make women feel inferior. Ina disccussion we had we talked about what made men think they had this ability in the first place. My thoughts on this is that it was how their father's and grandfathers acted, therefore it was the norm and they should act like that as well. Once they had women feeling of lesser value they had the ability to not allow them to be educated so that they could not get ahead of them in life.
Virginia Woolf talks about the women colleges that we being built and how they did not have enough funding, therefore they were once again inferior to those schools for only the men. This is just another example of why in that time period omen really did need a lot of money in order to start writing and be acknowledged as a writer as well. Women were not banded from writing, it was just that they would not be able to make an sufficient amount of money to live off of because no one would even think of buying a book written by a women. This is why many women would write their book using men's names so that people would actually consider buying the book.

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