Monday, November 30, 2009

Rose vs. Rachel

If any of you have read Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (written much later) you may agree that Rose is quite similar to Rachel Price. Rachel is a pretty and materialistic teenager who is attracted to men based on their wealth. She ends up marrying a rich white explorer who takes advantage of the natives in the African Congo. (I don't yet know the end of I Capture the Castle so I'm not comparing their outcomes) Leah Price, Rachel's sister, doesn't pay nearly as much attention to wealth as her sister and ends up marrying a poor native for love. From what I remember Rachel encounters heavy turbulence in her marriage while Leah's marriage goes smoothly. It is evident that Kingsolver's message here is that marriage for love is much better than for money. I believe this same message is conveyed (or at least will be) in Smith's book. People in class also mentioned that Stephen is reminiscent of characters in other books. Are there any other comparisons? Do you think the characters in I Capture the Castle are pretty stereotypical nowadays?

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