Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Women and Fiction

It seems that there were a lot of questions from yesterday's lecture about the inferiority of women and the superiority of men. I was thinking about where it all began and I think that from the beginning of time, men were physically stronger and their job required them to go out and hunt food or work the earth. The women bore the children and nurtured them and kept the home in its place. Humans weren't thinking about getting an education or furthering their knowledge. They were trying to survive and relied on their physical strength. Men were physically stronger and dominated women. I guess from there, men just thought they were better the whole time and socialization eventually led the whole world to think that men were better than women. Geoff had said that it was as if men and women were in a race where the women were only allowed to stay behind the half line mark. Men are letting the women run the race, but they are still controlling the outcomes. They did this in the past and it is still happening in the present.

When we talked about the mirror, we wondered why men needed the women to support them and make his reflection look twice as big. A man is the "king of his castle", as the saying goes. He goes out and makes a living. Whether or not he's successful, (because not all men are CEOs or VPs of a company) he is competing with other men who are equal to him. When he comes home, he expects that his wife and his children will respect him. If he cannot maintain a reflection twice as big at home, how can he expect to be seen any bigger than he really is outside among other men. The home is where the men fall back on and rely on to boost his ego and make him feel better.

And with Judith, I believe that from the beginning she was restricted from getting an education and from reading books. Sure, we can blame her parents for that. But I think even if her parents allowed her an education and let her read those books, when she went out into the world and tried to get on stage as an actress, she would still be rejected. The equality of men and women is still a work in progress and I think that it will be a long time before women are truly equal to men.

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  1. You made an interesting connection when you mention that men fall back on the home in order to boost his ego. This trait is typical of leaders in general. Those who attempt to assume power first start off on a small scale. For example, a troop commander must first learn to manage his group of men before he can assume the position of general and command the whole army. When the men feel like they need a boost of confidence they get a false sense of power by controlling his family. I say false because it is his duty to do so. It's just interesting to se it from that point of view.


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