Saturday, November 21, 2009

Women in I Capture the Castle

While reading I Capture the Castle, I noticed that there was still a sense of women being degraded in that period of time, which I think is a couple years after Virginia Woolfe wrote A Room of One’s Own. (Hopefully you guys all read, so I’m not being a spoiler =]) One example I found was that Topaz’s only source of possible income was to model and get her picture taken. The only way she could get a decent income was to entertain men with the pictures that were taken of her. Another example of women not being able to achieve as much as men is Rose’s inability to even get a job. Rose’s only hope is to marry a well-off man. When she does meet a nice man, she ruins it by being too forward. I think that the way Rose acts feeds to the stereotype that women are just searching for a rich husband so that they do not have to work. The narrator, who is a female, even says that Rose “has no real talents at all” and Rose even seems to believe this herself. When the family figures out the possible income for the whole family, everyone is counted as nil except for Stephen. Stephen is the ex-maid’s son, who is not even part of the family. I thought that this really showed how helpless and useless the women in the family were.
Even though there is a sense of women being degraded, there is also a sense of change too. Cassandra, the narrator, said that she could potentially sell her writing for profit in the future. In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf seems to say that it is very hard for women to gain income from their writing. Topaz also says that she needs “time for [her] own painting” that she might sell (18). This shows that a woman’s art can be taken seriously if she thinks that she can sell her own painting.

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  1. Nice observations! I agree with many of your observations but I also think it would also be interesting to analyze Smith's writing style in the same manner Woolf does with the authors she discusses: analyzing the way the text is put together, looking for abrupt changes, etc. I wonder what else we could discover about the author and the perception of her world.


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