Saturday, December 5, 2009

Impressions of I Capture the Castle

After reading I Capture the Castle, I thought I would share what I thought about it. As we all agreed, the book was a much easier read than other things we read this semester like Turn of the Screw, Imaginations, and Marianne Moore’s poems. It was easier to read because Cassandra, the narrator, was very straightforward about the events that went down. The writing was in no way ambiguous like Turn of the Screw.
Since the writing was clear and straightforward, the plot was very easy to follow. I thought that the plot was somewhat interesting. I found it funny that the father, who is usually portrayed as the provider of the household, did not make any money or help around the house at all. The plot seemed like a realistic story. It was so realistic that I sometimes found myself feeling bad for Stephen or being annoyed by Rose.
Also, I think that reading A Room of One’s Own before reading I Capture the Castle gave it a different experience. I would notice parallels between the two books. An example, would be that when Cassandra had the castle to herself she felt more free to write, like Woolf’s ideal setting for a woman to write fiction. I noticed that women had a lot more power in I capture the Castle. Women could be intellectual and taken seriously like Mrs. Cotton or make money with their artistic ability like Leda Fox-Cotton.
Another thing I thought about while reading I Capture the Castle was the hot topic in class on how some books appeal more to a different gender. I feel that I Capture the Castle seems like it would be more appealing to females because it is about a young girl who thinks she is in love. Did any of the guys find this book appealing?
Let me know what you guys thought about the book!


  1. I liked this book, but I can't really explain why. Despite having a female author and protagonist, this book doesn't really come off as being overtly feminine or female-oriented. Although the love story is probably more likable by girls, there's more to the story than just whether the characters like one another.

  2. i also liked this book and for the reasons you mentined; it's eay to read and easy to follow. when comparing my feelings towards I Capture the Castle and The Turn of the Screw, i feel The Turn of the Screw was a little more exciting for me to read becasue of the whole mystery factor in that book (but then again i'm more of a mystery book person anyways so that book WOULD be more appealing to me)

    i am definitely glad that we read A Room of One's Own before reading this book becasue i don't think i would have appreciated th book, more specifically, the setting of the book, as much had i not read A Room of One's Own first.

  3. I liked the book because it comes off as more personal, like a conversation. Woolf's tone throughout the book was like a series of arguments that forced you to think, but in I Capture the Castle, the tone is much more relaxed, which makes it seem like just a chat between friends.


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