Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sympathy for Rose

I will agree with most that Rose did not love Simon and that she was a gold digger (it's hard to argue against that). I will go as far as saying that she did it thinking more about herself than about her family. But I still believe she's not as bad as some may have made her out to be. For starters she leaves under extreme poverty so much so that Ms. Marcy can't believe how little they have when they go over their finances. Few (if any) of us will know what that's like. Next she has no opportunities ready for her. As comical as her comment about walking the streets of London was it showed us a powerful truth: there were very few (if any) opportunities for women. Yes, this were times after Jane Austen which means women could write and make a living from it, but think about it even women with talent met with many obstacles in order to become a successful writer, and Rose did not have that kind of talent. Also she wasn't the only one that wanted the marriage with Simon. Her whole family put their hopes on Rose successfully snaring him. Topaz goes out of her way to get fine dresses for Rose whether she alters old ones or makes her a new one. Cassandra herself jumps in the icy water which she hates, and even says feels like cold knives digging into her skin, just to buy Rose some time alone with Simon.

I'm not saying Rose is completely innocent, we all know that's not the case, but I will say she was pushed to this by her circumstances. But that's my opinion. What's yours?

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  1. i definitely agree with you that her circumstances pushed her to do some of the things she did and/or act the way she did, to an extent. i feel that the pressure of helping not only herself, but her family out of poverty is definitely one of the key motivators and to that extent i do sympathize with her. i sympathize with her because she's in a position in which outside factors are dominating her life; her family instability and her inability to really really do much to help serve as the driving forces behind the way she acts and the way she thinks.

    i agree that rose is not completely innocent, but i do understand, to an extent, why she acts the way she does.


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